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Direct insurance billing

Use your vision insurance benefits before they expire


No one likes the hassle of submitting paperwork to an insurance company to make a claim against vision care benefits. We take the hassle out of health care with Vision Souce Direct Insruance Billing.

What is direct billing?

Insurance paperwork wastes time and gets in the way of your life and the health care that you need. We make it easy for youto take care of your eyes by submitting your insurnace claim electronically for you. This might often mean that your out of pocket payment is reduced or eliminated altogether.

Our office is set up to bill your insurance company directly so you don't have to deal with the forms, claims and delays. We make health care as easy as possible for you.

What you need to bring for direct billing

We are able to direct bill Blue Cross Canada, Great West Life, Green Shield, Sun Life, Standard Life and many more. If your insruance company is not on this list, give us a call and we will check for you. When you come to your appointment, please bring photo identification, your insruance card with the policy number and member ID and tell us that you would like us to bill your insurance compnmay.